Create your own Dance of the Cygnets

This week we wondered if our ballet students would like to have a go at choreographing their own Dance of the Cygnets. If you would like to have a go please read on to find out what to do… First watch these different version of the dance of the cygnets.  They are all done toContinue reading “Create your own Dance of the Cygnets”


Live ballet classes week 11th May

For those that may have enjoyed the live streamed ballet classes for the younger children that we postsed last week here are some more from The Ballet Coach. We have included classes for 3 different age groups. It might be fun to have a go together. Little Ones Ballet (ages 2-5 years) by The BalletContinue reading “Live ballet classes week 11th May”

Watch Rumpelstiltskin Ballet

Here is a link to a showing from Sadlers wells this Friday This Friday on Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage, Ballet Lorent brings the beloved tale of Rumpelstiltskin to life in a magical dance theatre production. This story of love, obsession, grief and reconciliation is made to be enjoyed by grown-ups and kids of all ages. Gather theContinue reading “Watch Rumpelstiltskin Ballet”