Ballet Tech and Ballet Form – Week 30th March

Hello All… I hope you are all managing to stay active and are finding ways to have fun. I thought I’d follow up with some more practice notes for you. You already have your Winter Dances and Coordination practice you can do so I thought this week I’d set some more technical exercises for toContinue reading “Ballet Tech and Ballet Form – Week 30th March”

Ballet Prep and Ballet Mode – week 30th March 2020

Hello All I hope you are managing to keep active and finding ways to have some fun. This week I am posting a couple of suggestions for you to add to your ballet practice. You already have your Shoe Shopping Skips and Frozen dances that you can practice too. As we have been focusing onContinue reading “Ballet Prep and Ballet Mode – week 30th March 2020”

Winter theme music & ideas

Home practice for “BALLET TECH” and “BALLET FORM”: Both classes have been creating choreography inspired by our theme Winter. Each child is dancing in a group that has chosen music either from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Winter (or a piece called Clair de Lune by Debussy. Practice maybe a bit trickier in these classes as inContinue reading “Winter theme music & ideas”

Frozen Theme Ideas and Music

Home Practice for Ballet Prep and Ballet Mode students. Students from these classes have been working on dances this term inspired by the film Frozen. All children from both classes have created an idea that we have incorporated into a choreography. The sheets are in their ballet journals which will help them to remember eachContinue reading “Frozen Theme Ideas and Music”