Floor Explorers

This class is a wonderful opportunity for adults and children to move, learn, be creative and have fun together.  Children experience and strengthen basic motor skills and self awareness whilst developing creative learning dispositions that support all areas of learning. Equipment such as balls, parachutes, scarves, fabric, instruments and ribbons are used within the class to stimulate imagination and facilitate movement development. Snacks and drinks are provided after both classes with tea  and coffee for the parents/carers.

“Very enjoyable class, the friendliest I’ve been to.”

“Very friendly class, very relaxed, no pressure and good fun.”

Classes suitable for any child who is walking. Classes £4.50 per child and £2.50 for an additional child.

Friday Mornings at Kington Langley Village Hall

Fees are paid on a termly basis (6 terms per year)*

Class: 9:45 – 10:30
Class:  11:00 – 11:45

(Classes not refundable if cancelled for circumstances outside our control).

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